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Paul is active in pursuing a number of his research interests as a research professor at LSTS. This includes in areas such as data protection, privacy issues and problems related to stigmatization and discrimination. He is part of the Health and Aging Unit at LSTS where he co-ordinates research on such issues.  Paul has developed considerable experience in privacy and data protection issues in the area of health care delivery and scientific research. He has been successful in securing participation for LSTS and the VUB in a large number of research projects as an expert on legal and ethical issues related to privacy and data protection issues. Paul is also a member of the University's Ethics Board for Research in the Social Sciences.

Paul has also been active in research into issues associated with stigmatization and anti-discrimination approaches. He has been particularly active in developing a normative argument concerning the threats posed by stigmatizing expressions and language when used by the state. His PhD thesis was entitled “Stigmatizing State Expressions and the law”. He has published a monograph on these issues with Routledge in 2015.

Before joining the LSTS team Paul worked in the legal industry in the UK. He trained as a Barrister (Bar of England and Wales) and is a member of Greys Inn. He holds degrees in European and International Law (LLM, Institute of European Studies, Brussels), Law (MA, University Sheffield) and Biochemistry, (University of Sheffield).


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