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New Publication: Unfolding the Case of Returnees

  • August 3, 2021

FRC members, Carlotta Rigotti and Júlia Zomignani Barboza, have just published a new article on the Special Issue of the International Review of the Red Cross on counter-terrorism. 


The article is entitled "Unfolding the case of returnees: How the European Union and its member States are addressing the return of foreign fighters and their families" and is available at the following link.



The return of foreign fighters and their families to the European Union has mostly been considered a security threat by member States, which consequently adopt repressive measures aimed at providing an immediate, short-term response to this perceived threat. In addition to this strong-arm approach, reintegration strategies have also been used to prevent returnees from falling back into terrorism and to break down barriers of hostility between citizens in the long term. Amidst these different strategies, this paper seeks to identify which methods are most desirable for handling returnees.