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New Publication: Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking From Liability the European Approach (Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz)

  • December 20, 2018

FRC affiliated member, Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz has published a book entitled "Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking From Liability: The European Approach" (Palgave Macmillan, 2019). The books demonstrates the difficulty of protecting victims of human trafficking from being held liable for crimes they were compelled to commit in the course, or as a consequence, of being trafficked, under current European law. The legislation remains vague and potentially inadequate to recognise victimhood, safeguard the human rights of victims, and avoid further victimisation. Muraszkiewicz explains how the non-liability principle is rooted in criminal and human rights law, and proposes a more efficient provision and framework which would protect trafficked persons, and do better to encourage victims to act as witnesses in criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. In doing so the book will provide relevant stakeholders, including policy makers and law enforcement authorities, with a better understanding of the non-liability principle and how it ought to be used in practice.