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FRC Member Presents her Research on Street Harassment at the RHEA Seminar

  • December 9, 2020

FRC Member, Lisa Feirabend, will present her ongoing PhD research on 'Combatting Street Harassment through Legislative Means in Europe' during the next RHEA Research Seminar.

The event will take place online, on Thursday 10th December, 12.30-14:00.

To join the event, please register here.



Traditionally, the issue of street harassment has often been deemed as something trivial and unworthy of legal consideration. That tide has been turning with a steady increase in attention for the phenomenon from scholars, activists and legislators. As much of the discourse has been America-centric, there is much room for exploring it in the European context, especially in light of the handful of European countries which adopted legislation to combat some form street harassment in the past few years.