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Elisabeth Koek



Elisabeth Koek, born in the Netherlands, is a humanitarian protection specialist with 10 years of practical experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in human rights, humanitarian aid, and protection. She has worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council in Gaza, Iraq, Ukraine, and she has held various UN positions, including in Liberia and Iraq. Most recently, Elisabeth worked in Geneva on humanitarian policy issues related to internally displaced people and on protection of civilians. She is currently based in Brussels where she is working on her Ph.D (NUI Galway, Irish Centre for Human Rights). Elisabeth’s research project looks at the protection of critical infrastructure in urban warfare. The research is rooted in international humanitarian law and human rights law and looks at the application of the rules pertaining to the (special) protection of critical infrastructure in urban warfare. Several case studies will be used to underpin the findings of this research. The main case studies include Israel's war on Gaza in 2014 and the Iraqi and US-led Coalition's operations in Fallujah in 2016 and in Mosul in 2017; other military operations in contexts that saw urban warfare, such as Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan will be used to support the analysis. Since May 2015, Elisabeth has been a visiting scholar at the FRC


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