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Covid-19 Pandemic in the EU- Fundamental Rights Implications: Bulletin #4

  • July 30, 2020

The Fourth Bulletin of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) examines how the EU Member States addressed the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2020, having special regard to the fundamental rights implications arising from the adopted emergency measures. In such context, the FRA Director, Michael O' Flaherty, emphasises "how the constraints on our daily lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have become a firm reality. New local lockdowns and the reintroduction of restrictive measures prompted by fresh outbreaks of the virus are a stark reminder that COVID-19 continues to shape our lives – and our enjoyment of fundamental rights – in profound ways". 


As always, the measures taken by the Belgian government, in place since 18 March 2020, have been closely monitored too. The Belgian report, compiled by FRC as national contractor for the FRA, provides a further analysis and assessment of the fundamental rights impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Special emphasis is put on hate speech and data protection.