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Call for participants: FRA fieldwork on long-term residents

  • March 22, 2021

As national contractor for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), FRC is currently working on a fieldwork on long-term residents in Belgium.

For this project, FRC will be conducting interviews and focus groups with third-country nationals (non-EU citizens) who have been living in Belgium for at least 5 years and who hold different types of residence permit, such as Belgian unlimited permits (e.g. card B, card C, card F+), EU long-term residence permit (card D) and temporary permits (e.g. card A, card F and card H).

The results of the interviews will be (anonymously) added to a report, which the FRA will share with the European Commission to inform the revision of the 2003/109/EC Directive on long-term residents.


The FRA is particularly (but not exclusively) interested in the experiences of those coming from Morocco, China, DRC and Turkey.

If you would like to participate in this research project or learn more about it, please contact FRC’s Júlia Zomignani Barboza at