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After graduating with a degree in Law (LLB) from the University of Amsterdam, Auke successfully completed an LLM in International Law at the University of Edinburgh, in which he focussed on international criminal law and wrote his dissertation on the EU-US Extradition Agreement under supervision of Professor Bill Gilmore. He then went to the University of Glasgow, where he wrote his LLM by research thesis on the topic of European criminal law under supervision of Maria Fletcher and Professor Noreen Burrows.

From October until December 2012 Auke did pre-doctoral research and worked together with Professor Paul de Hert (VUB). Since January 2013 Auke is working as a PhD-researcher at the IES, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Auke's research interests include studies into procedural rights in criminal proceedings throughout the EU. His PhD project focuses on the new EU flagship instrument on the topic, the 'Roadmap on procedural rights', which aims at setting a common minimum standard for procedural safeguards at EU level. In this project it is being examined how exactly the Roadmap affects national criminal systems, by doing so a case study is made of a number of jurisdictions. Also, on a broader level Auke is investigating the implications of this first instrument on criminal procedural rights for the development of the wider project of the ‘Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’, and whether this is a step closer towards a European public order.

For an overview of Auke's PhD-project, publications and activities, please consult his personal page on the IES-website


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